The European Blow Dry technique

Denise Rossi’s European Blow Dry

Rather than a single technique, the European is an organized system that includes various techniques to address every single challenge to the ideal Blow Dry. These techniques were acquired by Denise Rossi during her years of work and professional growth in Europe, particularly in Italy, but also in London and other European cities.

The European Blow Dry system thus designed and created, allows a Blow Dry that is faster, better and much longer lasting than other existing techniques.

This style of Blow Out also makes heavy and otherwise necessary use of chemical products, redundant and purely secondary, with the specific blow drying skills the means for a result that will truly “blow you away”!

The implementation of the perfectly tuned technique at Boston based salons has been so successful that Denise has designed training programs for salon owners and stylists who want the best for their clients and their salons, not to mention the acquisition of an advanced technique that will further enrich any hair stylists’ repertoire.

For more info, visit Denise Rossi’s official website at





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